Tactile graphics for blind and visually impaired people.

Tactile reliefs

Our main mission is to create tactile reliefs, both as illustrations in publications and independently, e.g. maps or tables in front of paddocks at the Zoo. Haptic images are successfully applied to the education of hyperactive children, but are primarily intended for blind and visually impaired.

Tactile graphics

They have a significant importance for those who have lost their sight till the age of ten – their notion of things, which they normally cannot touch (e.g. buildings or predators), is highly restrained. On the other hand they have developed to a greater extent substitute skills; therefore they perceive tactile relief as other people perceive photographs. Blind people often hear about things which are hard to describe, e.g. Eiffel tower or a giraffe. Tactile graphics helps them to gain a better understanding how things look like. This gives them a new dimension of imagining the world.

Authors of the reliefs

All the reliefs, matrices and drawings presented on this site were created by the authors of our publishing house. See “Authors’ Profiles” section.

Vide manibus

Vide manibus in Latin means "see with hands". We have chosen Latin because of its universality. We wish that our reliefs would bring joy and benefit to all who need it. Therefore – vide manibus!